Your next BMW might not have a traditional key

BMW is interested in replacing keys with mobile apps. Keyless technology has changed the way we access and start new cars, making the physical car key itself less important. BMW is thinking the replacement for the standard key would result in one less thing taking up space in your pocket. BMW is looking into the idea of […]

BMW M8 GTE Rear Wing

Innovative technology for the new BMW M8 GTE.

This week, BMW took the covers off its brand new racer – the BMW M8 GTE. The car will race in the GTE Pro division of next year’s World Endurance Championship and will debut at the Daytona 24 Hours in January. “With the BMW M8 GTE, we are bringing cutting-edge technology to the top international […]

The Ultimate Driving Machine Needs The Ultimate Steering Wheel.

The other day I jumped into my parents 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage and took it for a drive, which whilst quite an experience one thing that I noticed was the steering wheel. The more modern cars I tend to drive usually have a thicker wheel, giving a more positive feel. On top of that […]

The BMW you should have bought, the BMW 1M!

Rewind to December 2010 while everyone is searching for the perfect Christmas present, BMW had a little gift of their own, specifically for the petrolheads. A press release regarding a new M division compact coupe, a new M3? No that has been putting on weight for years now, this new car is more akin to […]


The Bugatti Veyron was the Volkswagen Group’s technological flagship car producing 1000hp. Want to see a turbocharged m5 pumping out 900whp give it a run for its money? Enjoy

Meet ‘JAWS’ the e24 shark

In the car scene we all love an impressive build, even more so when its self built ‘built not bought’, that’s exactly what Lala Miah has achieved with his 1989 635CSi highline. Sitting on some custom throwing stars stepped up to 19″x9.5″ on the front and a girthy 19″x11″ on the rear, and a full […]

The BMW’s of the Silverstone Classic 2017 Auction

This years Silverstone Classic was jam packed with BMW’s like Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay’s 1975 BMW 2002 Turbo. One of the very first classic cars he purchased back in 1995, covering just 65,000 miles from new went under the hammer for £70,880. Also from his car collection is this rather fine example of an […]


Car’s Full Spec Below Engine: Evolve stage 2 remap (21 psi) AEM Methanol injection (using 100% Pure M1 Meth) 10% Ethanol fuel mix FTP large bore charge pipes Turbos/downpipes (DEI ) wrapped Custom straight pipe race exhaust & 3.5” tips Custom de-catted downpipes and handmade larger X-pipe Ramair dry induction filters Custom air intake scoops […]

Want a mint BMW M1? This one is just $745,000 (£570,000)

BMW in the 70s planned to build a supercar, the Germans are masters of engineering but when it came to having the style they went to the Italians. To cut a long story short they initially went to Lamborghini and later dropped them to build the car on their own. Hand built by the M […]