For many the E31 8 Series represents something of a highpoint in BMW design and engineering. It looked fabulous – still does, in fact – and, in the 850 CSi, BMW had a super GT the likes of which it had never offered before. Imagine the choice between one of those and a 928 GTS…

Anyway, enough reminiscing, because the 8 Series is back! After 20 years away, the 21st century 6 Series models and some more recent spy shots, the super luxury coupe will return to the BMW range. It’s due next year actually, with this stunning concept the official preview.

Described by BMW as “the essence of a modern-day BMW coupe wrapped up in an enthralling design study”, the Concept 8 Series is a two-door, four-seat, rear-wheel drive coupe. The production version will rival cars like the S-Class Coupe, Aston DB11 and Bentley Continental GT.

Now this being a concept, and a super luxurious yet sporty one at that, you’ll have to bear with BMW’s rather intense descriptions of this car’s styling. From our view it looks great, modern and purposeful but with enough traditional cues to mark it out as a BMW. If you need more than that though, the dramatic rear end is said to feature “emotional surfacing”, the front a “striking, sporty front-end graphic” and the flanks “draw attention to a new aspect of BMW’s expertise in the execution of surfaces.” Right. Whatever, from here it looks like a damn sexy reinterpretation of the 8 Series. And in case you’re wondering, those wheels are 21s and the paint is ‘Barcelona Grey Liquid’.

Inside, while there aren’t yet any pictures, BMW is promising “an emotionally rich blend of dynamics and luxury”. Sorry. Will stop now. The points of attention are said to be exquisite materials, a closely stacked centre console and a snug and sporty feel. Certainly it will need to be good to compete with cars like S-Class Coupe and DB11.

As part of this release, BMW has confirmed that the production 8 Series will be introduced next year. There is nothing known yet about powertrains, though you would have to assume that BMW’s more powerful V8s and V12s will feature prominently. A hybrid seems likely too, and a diesel with the new M550d’s quad-turbo engine could make quite a car. More should be known about BMW’s “genuine dream car” soon, which sounds like very good news for BMW fans – welcome back 8 Series!


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